Shifter Ranger


Ability Scores:

  • STR: 10
  • CON: 11
  • DEX: 21
  • INT: 08
  • WIS: 17
  • CHA: 10

AC: 20

HP: 36

Notable items:

  • Point Blank GreatBow +1
  • Carrot of Everlasting Provisions
  • No fall damage Potion

Gomm was orphaned at an infantile age in Gray Hawk, the only home he has ever know was in back alleys and Gray Hawk’s slums. At a young age Gomm was being chased by some local thugs and fled to the neighboring forest. Night fell and he became lost in the dense woods. Fumbling through the darkness Gomm came upon a trapped wolf pup. Upon freeing him the pup helped Gomm back to the city gate. After Gomm gave the pup the name of “Barkspawn”, they have been inspirable.

Many years passed and not much changed as Gomm and Barkspawn grew to adults. Until one night a high ranking guard mistook for an infamous thief named Teras. With the huge bounty on Teras’s head a frenzy soon erupted and Gomm had to flee the city. After setting up a small camp on the outskirts of city, Gomm vowed to find the thief and bring him to justice. Having only mild abilities in petty thievery himself, Gomm decided to study the ways of the ranger before leaving on his journey.

Almost two years passed as Gomm honed his skills through killing bandits and monsters that threatened the outskirts of Gray Hawk. By constantly wearing a hooded robe, and using his new found skills in archery to attack from a distance, his identity is unknown to the villagers. His masked appearance also allows him to carefully walk within the city’s gates without guards mistaking him as Teras.


Pickpockets Gomm