Flint Pyrestrike

Genasi Swordmage


Name: Flint Pryestrike
Level: 4
Class: Swordmage
Race: Genasi(Firesoul)
Size: Med
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 180 lb.
Alignment: Good
Deity: Kossuth (offsite)
or Kossuth (insite)

Str: 13
Con: 15
Dex: 10
Int: 21
Wis: 10
Cha: 8
Max HP: 36
AC: 22
Fort: 14
Refx: 18
Will: 14
Initiative: 2
Speed: 6
Pass Insight: 12
Pass Percep: 12
-Arcana: 12
-Athletics: 8
-Endurance: 11
-History: 12
-Nature: 4
ill do this later
-Fire resist(+5)
-Fire Pulse(feat)
-Ageis of Shielding(feat)
-Swordmage Warding(buff)
-Intelligent Blademaster
-Weapon Prof.(bastard sword)
-Weapon Focus(heavy blades)
At Will
-Aegis of Shielding
-Greenflame Blade
-Lightning Lure
-Fire Cyclone
-Transposing Lunge
-Fire Pulse
-Frost Backlash
-Dimensional Warp
Current gold
-Leather armor
-Oath Strike(bastard sword)
-(20) Bullets
-(10) Torches
-Std. Adventurers Kit
-Climber’s Kit
-Book(“Burying the Jewel”)
Traded away
-Luminescent pearl → Pearl of Darkening
-Locket(mithral) → Locket of Leadership

Background Story:
Flint was born and raised in the element plane of fire. Flint has no siblings that we need to worry about. When Flint was young both he parents were killed by a band of warring water genasi, this left him to become a ward of the state. Raise in foster care flint was taught to keep a coolhead despite is hot tempered nature. Thought he is relativity good at keeping his cool, talking about this god, quickly get him fired up(no pun intended). When he was 17 flint enrolled in the Eternal Firesword College. There is started to learn the ways of being a swordmage, but he was always an outcast because he carried around a second sword, in addition to his bonded sword. Many of his professors would disqualify him in tournaments for using the unbonded sword after his had been broken during the fight. After about 3 years of this flint decided to leave thinking he knew better. He also hoped that he might one seek out those he killed his family and take back his fathers bracelet. He got transport to the common plane where he would start looking for good times and adventure. About a month ago he heard rumors of a wizard looking a group of adventurers or particularly gifted individuals…

…and this is where his story continues.

Story Week 1:
After being captured and beaten by a group of guards, screaming “Get the demon!”. A group of adventures happened by and saved him. Grateful for the help he followed them and helped where he could. Later to find out they worked for the wizard he had heard about. Under the new employment of the Wizard, Professor Brown, he and the rest of the group are teleported to a dark dank cellar like room. After clearing the area out the group decided to rest and set guards for the night. The next day the group would continue on its quest to find ham…

Story Week 2:
After clearing out most of the rooms they happen upon a group of well trained guards and got their asses whipped, in the custody of what turned out to be prison guards. They are were taken to the head wardens and told no one even should know that place exists. After being interrogated for hours, the group was told they had a chance to make it right, become double agents for the wardens, and ultimately a college a high wizards. After a few days of training, and getting re outfitted with some sweet new gear, they head back to the professors lab. He didnt seem to suspect his employees had turned on him and re-adjusted the teleporter again for another trial of the teleportation closet. Professor said it would take a day or so, and told the group to come back, so they decide to head into town. Only to find things arent quite as they seem…

Story Week 3:
After being lead to a by the local guard to the counselor building, the group finds themselves amongst friendly people. The dwarf is rush to the infirmary after having a gargoyle drop on his head. The rest of the group is lead to a room called the “room on cleansing”, many of the party get a bad vibe and decide this people are as friendly as they appear. After booking to the top of the tower the group find out as coup-de-ta is under way, and the Scarlet Order is purging the non-human leadership. The also run into the last non human counselor at the top of the tower but he as apparently has made a deal with the Dark God, Cthulhu. Cthulhu grabs the entire party because Gomm, looks nearly identical to the counselor. After being chucked off the tower, Mordenkainen grabs everyone out of the air and warps us to his extra dimensional mansion. After a time he deems it safe enough to travel back to the common plane and continue on with out original mission. So we head back to the research lab, only to find doppelgangers everywhere. After slaying them all we head back outside to continue searching for him. While out there a squirrel walks up on us, the rest of the good seem to not think it strange at all. Jimmy hand the squirrel an acorn, the squirrel then jumps up on to Barkspawn and starts rides him away, and the rest of the group follows him. So this is what we have been reduced to, following a squirrel…

Story Week 4:
Too be continued…

Flint Pyrestrike

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